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What is the difference

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Yes, but neither wax is distributed as a Cargill product any longer. They originally bought Michael Richard's patents for soy wax and manufactured NatureWax products. A year or so ago, Cargill formed an alliance with Elevance, who now distributes the NatureWax line of soy waxes. You can download information about all the NatureWax line of waxes from Elevance's website HERE.

From their FAQ:

What is the difference from C-1 and C-3?

NatureWax has two Container Blends that are called C-1 and C-3. The main difference between these waxes is that C-1 consists of a blend of Vegetable Oils, whereas C-3 is 100% Soy Based.

NatureWax C-1 performs better when it is poured at temperatures around 110 deg F. The C-3 Blend performs better when poured at temperatures closer to 160 deg F. Another feature about C-3 is that it has better glass adhesion than other soy waxes.

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