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Candle Cocoon FO sale


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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has tried any of these sale scents from CC. If so...... which ones do you recommend? Which smell the bestest, HT, CT... it's a fantastic sale!

(Sorry, no links to sales sites permitted either, but will note that I believe you're referencing Scent Event fragrances.)

I've tried the Orange Clove and don't care for it, but others have said they like it. I'm personally not a big fan of that one... needs more orange IMO.

But suggestions or recommendations on the others would be great!!



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Oops didn't realize we couldn't do links anymore. Sorry! - I just read the rules above.. It's been a while since I've been on here. Sorry guys! :(

Okay, well the scents are as follows:

Bayberry Plant

Candy Corn



Natural Pine oil

Spice and Apple

Waxed Bayberry

Beer Concentrate

Dill Pickle

Holiday Bayberry

Muscadine Grape Jelly

Orange Clove

Spiced Apple Tea

Some seem to me like they'd be very similar, so of course wanting to avoid duplicates. However, I've only tried the Orange Clove of these, so was looking for recommendations of the above fragrances... pwetty pwease?? :D


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Oh man, I ordered yesterday morning & I just got them. Talk about fast.

These are just oob reviews which don't mean much.

spice & apple--almost the same as spiced apple tea. I think it's a little weaker.

spiced apple tea-love this one.

juniper--great for juniper, very pleased with it.

Off to get them into wax.

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oooooh lucky you!!! :D Let us know how it goes!!!

Thanks for your replies ladies! I think I'm going to order some spiced apple tea, some bayberry plant, and some juniper. :) I'm considering a Candy Corn as well. Hmmmmm....

I have Peak's Bayberry, and I like it OOB; haven't tried it in wax yet. :( I have a 2.5 month old, a 12 yo, and a 7 yo, and haven't had much time for candlemaking lately LOL

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I went on the site but didn't see anything about a sale. All prices were norm.


Is the sale still going on???



It's the "Scent Event" FO's, they are not her regular line. (removed). The Spiced Apple Tea is really good.


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