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need help with body butter recipe


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ok so i found a recipe on here while searching. anyways it is all in percentages and im not good with math. i dont want to make a huge batch.

here is the recipe.

60 % water

24% butters and oils

6 % e wax

2 % dry flo

2 % FO

1 % preservative

how can i figure this out in ounces, for like a 1 pound batch ?

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so for 16 oz would it be

9.6 oz water

3.84 oz butters/oils

.96 oz ewax

.96 oz stearic

.32 oz dry flo

.32 oz FO

.16 oz preservative

would you just take the size of the batch, like 16 oz or 32 oz. and then multiply the percentages by the oz size ?

like 60% water x 16 oz batch size ? and just continue with each ingredient ?

sorry if its not right and im stupid im just trying to figure it out.

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It's a simple formula. Just put a decimal in front of the percentages for each ingredient and multiply by the number of ounces you want to make. For a 16 oz (1lb batch):

water .60 x 16 = 9.6oz

do this for all your ingredients. For the single digit % make sure to put a zero in front of the number...

example: e-wax .06 x 16 = .96 oz

good luck and have fun

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Daria is right...grams are much easier. I just use the formula that 1 oz = 30 grams (although a gram is actually 28.something) the 30 makes it much easier to convert and much easier to weigh out on a scale.

9.6oz is hard to find (and less accurate) on a scale, but 9.6oz x 30 = 288 grams is much easier to weigh.

With this method you get a bit extra, but there is always a little waste in batches of lotions and creams so you are likely to end up with the batch total you were looking for anyway.

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