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Natures Garden's Palm wax

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Has anyone try the Natures Garden's

Natural Palm Container Wax-this is what is on there site Palm waxes naturally create beautiful crystal structures that form as the candle cools. In order to fully accomplish this crystaline effect, it is pertinent that you pour this melted wax at 200 degrees, and cool your candles slowly. I have to order few Fos from them and was wondering about the palm wax they sale is it the same as theGlass Glow IGI R2322A or not it will save me some shipping money if I order everything from them:)

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Hi Sherry, I'm probably not going to be of much help because I have never ordered palm wax from NG. If it does not specifically say glass glow, then it is probably the frost palm, which is also a pretty palm wax. Is there any way to get hold of someone at NG and ask them?

Hopefully, someone else will chime in here, soon!


Deb :smiley2:

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