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Hi everyone,

I have a recipe and I'd be happy if you could give me some comments on it:

Coconut 25%

Olive 30%

Cocoa butter 20%

Sweet almond 5%

Castor 5%

Canola or sunflower? 15%

SP 5%

Do you think I'm using too much different oils? and do you think I should use canola or sunflower oil?

I'm going to use this recipe as my base recipe with different EOs.

I can't use palm because it's hard for me to find it here(I'm in Iran), and I don't want to use animal fat.

Thanks and happy soaping! icon_smile.gif

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I'm not sure if the sunflower is high oleic, I bought it from the grocery store.

How about the coconut, isn't 25% too much? how about sunflower or canola? which one is better to use? I added them to take out some of the olive oil because of the cost.

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