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soap rocks


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I tried to find you a link to make up for the one that didn't work, which sucks because that one had a TON of links in it; apparently whoever kept it up decided it wasn't worth it any longer. Anyway, there is a short description someone gives here for her method of making them. Might be more info if you click thru all the pages of this thread:


" Hi.........I copied this rock recipe from a site........sorry I can't remember which.......I feel badly about it.......I tried it and it works beautifully and the rocks are perfect.........

Melt some opaque base, and colour it, almost any colour you wish.. At the same time, melt some clear base, mixing it with a lot of mica because mica tends to sink. Gold mica is ideal.

Let both molten bases cool down a lot, and then pour them into a base, one on each end. Periodically put both pots down, and spritz with rubbing alcohol. Then keep pouring. Don't stir at all. Let the soaps set up. Throw in additional chunmks of clear m&p, (cut with a crinkle cutter, preferably) which have been rolled in mica, and let the whole thing set up. Unmold, chop into many, many pieces, preferably with a crinkle cutter. Put all of the pieces into a rectangular or square mold....a rubbermaid container is perfect....the small one. Spritz with alcohol, pour in some mica as you are dumping the pieces in. Perhaps add some more chopped up, uncoloured base. Overpour with a hot base...about 140 degrees to 150 degrees is perfect! You want the pieces to sort of melt into each other. Let set up......Unmold, and cut at right angles and other strange angles to resemble real rocks! The mica will look like veins of metal running through a rock........this is a recipe of Ela Heyn"

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hi darbla, thanks for the link. i wondered if ts pink was using MP. i haven't seen the soaps in real life, but have heard about them. i also hear that they are very long lasting, that's why i thought they might be more than MP.

i've only made CP (and HP on accidental occassions - start off with CP but end up HPing the soap), but i think i might try out MP one of these days...

thanks again.

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