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who is your favorite FO supplier?


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I have only used one in 4 years would like to try others. Candles and Supplies is the closest to me and I have never tried them . To go through all that testing again kills me but i know it's a must. Would love to hear suggestions at least not to waste my time with duds

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What type wax are you using? Will you also use them in B&B applications?
So SOrry I forgot to say:sad2: I use GB415 and no bath and body yet( though it sounds like something some day I may try)Thanks for your suggestions :smiley2:
What may be a great FO to us may be a "Dud" to you and vice-versa. If you have scents that are working for you, why do you want to change them? Testing yourself is the only way to know for sure. Carole

Only asking for suggestions Carole I wouldn't hold you to anything. The reason for the change is shipping costs thats all. But thanks anyway

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I can't tell you if these will work in soy or not because I use palm but some of the C&S FO's that have sold well for me are:

Cinnamon Bun

Honey Baked Pears



Mango Papaya

Sugar Plum

Wine & Roses

I have had mixed results with their closeout FO's but if you know that going in you can decide for yourself if you want to even try them.

If you are close I think they have an area where you can smell their FO before buying them. It might be worth a trip over to check them out and pick out a few samples to try. Saving all the $$ in shipping costs over time would be worth atleast trying a few to see how they do in my wax. Plus if I could pick up my wax at the same time that would be a bonus and it looks like they carry GB415. If you have any questions, their tech support has been awesome the few times I have called when I first switched to palm and had some issues.

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I don't use a lot of C&S FOs but these are ones I've tried in soy and they rock:

Christmas Splendor

Edible Spice

Bayberry Apple Spice

I mostly buy wax and wicks from them and only occasionally test an oil or two when I go into the showroom where I can sniff the samples.

A great FO supplier that is not well known for their oils is Fillmore Containers. They started selling FOs about 2 years ago and they have been tested in C3 soy wax. Everyone of their oils I tested in my soy have a fabulous scent throw:

Cedar Garland

Christmas Tree

White Pepper & Clove

Tuberose & Jasmine

Pumplin Souffle

Bayberry Cinnamon

Lavender, Sage, & Rosemary

I especially love their florals and christmas scents.

I thought there was a candle supplies supplier in NJ-- Farmhouse? Candle Buddy is the one who used to order from them I think. You can check with her.

Other good suppliers on the East Coast are CS, Backwoods. They both have soy test ratings on their site for all their oils.

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Candle Science carries the 415 so I imagine their oils would throw well in that wax. Great customer service ... will readily answer questions. They have a review section and some will post what wax they are using. I've been pleased with their oils in my CB-135 soy. They are in NC.

The best bang for my buck is Bert's Heaven Scent in eastern Indiana. 90% of her oils work very well for me and you can't beat the prices. She does offer some oils that will not be continually offered but they are clearly identified.

Both have quick & reasonable shipping.

Edited by Judy, USMC
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