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Body Lotion With Oatmeal


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I'm wanting to incorporate oatmeal into one of my lotion recipes. I've tried googling for recipes but am finding nothing. Any suggestions or ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

I did find one thing & it just said to add ground oatmeal to 4 ounces of lotion. I"ve never tried Aveeno's lotion. Does anyone if it's just really fine ground oatmeal in it?

I was also thinking of infusing the water with oatmeal & maybe just pureeing it. Please help anyone!!

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I would also suggest using finely ground oatmeal. You would have to experiment to see how much your lotion formula will hold or make a few adjustments if its too drying, or greasy, etc.

I know I have seen ground oatmeal in the hot cereal section in the grocery store. You may also find it in a health food store. You could also grind it yourself if you can get a consistent 'flour' texture without any flakes.

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Try hydrolized oats, it is water soluable and can be incorporated into the water phase. Once your water is boiled get a good whirlwind going with your stick blender and slowly add the HO. Here's the link:


I've never added it so don't know the amount, but this is the method I use with my water soluable extracts like green tea, cucumber etc.

oooppps, just notice their HO is a liquid so assume you could just stir it in with the water before mixing with your oil phase

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