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Mold for soap


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It might not be a problem for melt and pour but the only metal you can ever use with a cold processed soap is 100% stainless steel. If it's an aluminum pan (as most are) the lye will not play nice with it at all!

Either way, I'd line it before pouring even MP as removing soap from "found molds" is often the phase when we all go, "Er... not my best idea ever after all..."

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You can coat it with saran wrap and it would be fine, but I believe that the saran would be all wrinkly and not look as you want. You might also try coating it with silicone (like for making molds) or possibly painting it and so forth with epoxy or other sealed resin, or possibly polyurethane.

All that said, if it is aluminum or "non-stick" you will find that it quickly turns black and starts to dissolve when the lye or raw soap hits it.

I have had really good results with silicone baking molds, and they come in so many shapes. I get the expensive ones cheaply at "Tuesday Morning" or I have gotten some cheap ones (still great results) on eBay

Here is a link to some, the prices are high, but you will get the idea of some shapes available:


Here's one I've had my eye on for a while


I usually go for the "cupcake" style ones that have multiples within the same sheet, but I also have hearts that are made for jello that make wonderful soaps.

I use madeleins for my salt bars, I have deep roses (like the size of a cinnamon bun) and these fluted tarts (tartlets?) that I have used.

There is no need for metal bakeware, all teh same shapes are available in silicone, and many of them are dirt cheap, just search "silicone baking mold" on ebay and you'll see.

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Not even covering the mold pan before adding cold processed soap? Saran wrap etc? Thanks for the heads up.

Maybe if you're a better mold liner than I am. My soap always seems to seep around my liner, no matter how carefully I fold and tuck.

And then there's the matter of insulating the mold if you're looking to gel, wood insulates better than metal, but maybe with some testing you could find the right method.

Personally, I wouldn't. There are too many safe found molds out there for me to bother with one that might increase the risk of injuring myself or others with either raw soap or fumes from a chemical reaction... but that's me...

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I think everyone should experience raw soap on aluminum once in their life. Definitely under controlled and safe conditions. It is very interesting, and once you see it, will have no problem asking a question that entails "should I ..... with aluminum?"

Just a thought.

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