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how to package tapers

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I don't make tapers but I did see these yesterday when I was looking for boxes for something else. Either those or maybe shrinkwrapping them but I think the boxes would probably protect them better from cracking/dings...

on the left side there is a tab for taper boxes (there are a few options):


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If you're gonna use sleeving type, buy shrink wrap tubing instead. The regular sleeving leaves too much room for the tapers to move around and rub up against each other and make a mess of the plastic. Buy 3" shrink wrap tubing, place the tapers in with the bottom of one against the top of the other, it makes it more square that way. Seal up the ends and shrink it, makes a nice tight package with no movement of the candles!!

Better Bee is great to work with, but the boxes are much cheaper at Sunshine and they don't sell shrink wrap tubing.

Several places sell it, just google the size you want, but here's a couple places. I honestly can't remember where I bought mine, I've had it a few years.



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