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Prolonging the pleasure


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Ok, minds out of the gutter!:laugh2: What I mean is prolonging the pleasure of smelling tarts.

Question is: ok, you just made a great smelling tart, but how to you make it last longer? (Like a day, or 2, or 3...) Would adding a USA help? Or is the tart strong enough but you (your nose, really) just get "immune" to it?

Or could it be a burner problem? I use the cheap candle warmers from Walmart, not sure how many watts they are, though.

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I don't add anything. I also don't melt tarts if I made any that day of the same type of scent because I'll never smell it.

We found that for testing throw we have a warmer in the bedroom upstairs and that is most ideal. The scent fills the whole upstairs. Scents we like we try to turn it on every day for at least a few hours and they've been lasting a good week or so I'd say. Even when I take it out I can still smell it; it's just lighter. And usually I'm wanting to try the next scent!

Oh, I should mention that I'm using a pre-blend. If I was using straight wax I'd probably add some additives.

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