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New Here.... where is the beeswax?

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I have tried a lot of wicks to get BW votives to burn right and amazingly enough the best burn come from square braid wick. Which is really the start of point for BW I use #1 or #2 depending on the BW everytime I get a new bacth in I run a quick test on it as I know BW can change from batch to batch.

You are in good company there are a few of us that do BW here you just may have to wait a little longer for answers because of how few of us there are.

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I think wicking beeswax depends a lot on the beeswax you are using. I use square braid wicking for my tapers (2/0) and pillars (#4 unscented and sometimes #5 if FO is used), but for my votives, I use LX16's for a perfect burn.

You'll find more beeswax questions in the natural wax section, but there's many in this section also. Don't worry, we'll find you whichever section you post in LOL!! :cool2:

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Chef, the reason your wick is dying is because you are not using a big enough wick. Beeswax candles require almost twice the size wick as other candles. Try a #2 square braided, cotton wick, primed with beeswax. I get mine from www.candlewic.com. They make custom wick tabs. Make sure to ask for beeswax coated. They are also very helpful with advising you of the size wicks you need.

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