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Fragrance for body butter question...


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I have been reading up on making bath and body items and browsing different suppliers to get as much info as possible before buying any items.

One supplier has lots of flavor oils listed for use with body butters.

So I take it you can use BB safe fragrance oil or flavor oils in body butters? Is it just a personal choice, or does one work better than the other.


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The vast majority of so-called "flavor" oils are simply fragrance oils that are generally considered safe for use on the lips. So, if your body butter recipe was also GRAS for lips, using a flavor oil would allow you to use it as a lip butter as well as a body butter.

I might do it for personal use, though it sounds a little odd to me (I can't think of a lot of flavors I'd want on my hands and lips...). I'd be scared to sell it though, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. As in, "Hey, this butter tastes awful on toast!" :(

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