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Pre-emptively Frustrated LOL

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Welp, I'm on my first test batches of 4627. The consistency IS weird, not quite vaseline, reminds me of 76 degree melt point coconut oil mixed with vaseline LOL

Anyhow, I was told by BCN that using an HTP 104 wick in a 16oz smooth jelly jar would like be enough. But now I'm reading all this stuff on the boards and sounds like I'm going to have tunneling going on and I'm going to have to go to at LEAST 105 or 126. Does that sound about right? Or has anyone had success with 104's in 16oz jelly jars. I only made 2 candles, so I'm not wasting a whole lot of wax until I test burn and find out...

I LOVE BCN, don't get me wrong, and maybe it WILL work, but seems like everything I've read it likely won't. It's hard out there for a newbie! *wink*

I was using 1212's in 100% soy wax because I tried using 104's and it tunneled, and when I called NG she told me to use 1212's. Now this was a couple of years ago when I was truly green about all this stuff, and I asked her if that was the next size up, she said yes! I found out later that 1212 was actually 3 sizes bigger than 104 but they don't carry 105 or 126's. Blerg!

I'm doubly upset because the wick stickums I ordered DON'T stick. Now mind you, I've only made 2 test candles that are cooling in the oven right now. But trying to pour wax at 180 degrees with rubber gloves and a presto pot that only has about 13 oz of wax in it (have to tip the pot because the spout isn't actually low enough for that little wax!) while the wick is moving around because the stick um came off isn't easy. Then spilling it all over the place because you are attempting to adjust the wick in the clip, then the wick clip fell INTO the candle and LOL!!! What a day over just two candles!

I need new gloves LOL And I need some silicone instead of these stick ums I think.

But, I can say, I'm enjoying it all the way. One thing I've learned on this board is that you gotta "pay your dues" so to speak, and I'm on my way to doing that. I'm taking meticulous notes and everything and I'm patient. I'm a soap maker, and that didn't happen overnight either. I got the lye burns to prove it LOL!

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