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Update from the newbie who tried the 16 oz.

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Well, I tried again after taking into consideration everyone's advice and comments.

I went to the store and purchased some jelly jars. I used the wax blend I had produced; ie, EZSoy with beeswax, yellow dye chip, 1 oz. pear. Since I have not received my wick samples yet I used the LX wick I had in stock.

On the first candle I used a 22 LX and that drowned out and left all sorts of wax and frost on the interior of the container. I let it burn for 2 hours the first day and 3 hours the second day and it just kept burning down and not burning off the wax on the side of the container.

The second candle I used a 24 LX and that seems to be working quite well. I have had three sessions of testing so far; first day 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours that evening. When the candle was first lit the flame danced around quite a bit so I clipped the wick shorter and it calmed down. This is the second day and it's been burning since 9AM and it is now 1:30PM. The wick has developed a bit of a mushroom cap--I guess that is to be expected after such a lenghty burn time???

Now I started to test burn the second candle using the same wax and the 24 LX so I'll see if they burn similar.

I took some pictures of them--they can be viewed by following the below link. If anyone has comments good or bad please send them over--I like constructive criticism!


Kathy - the newbie

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Yes, I noticed that about the LX wick. I have some CD's and ECO's on order--they are supposed to come in today. I definitely will test with them as well so see which one I like the best. I used the raw wick and dipped them in my wax and tabbed them myself before wicking the container. I might just try a raw wick as well to see if there is a difference in burn qualities.

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Those look good, I am using the same quilted jars. I had a sample of the ezsoy and used it in those jars I believe I used a CD 12 and did great. Then I heard the 415 was the same as the ezsoy and I could buy it locally, so I am testing the 415 and cb135 now.:yay:Hope it goes good for you.


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I think they look nice.

How much beeswax did you add to the ezsoy? How was the HT?.

I added 1/3 cup of the pellets but it's a bit too much. The wax is a bit harder than I would like. On my next attempt I'll try only a tablespoon per lb. and see if that works better. The beeswax did give it a nice creamy top and no problems with frost or chunky surface. On these testers I didn't let them cure long enough to test the HT. I have one still curing and will be testing it next week after it has sat for a little over a week.

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