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Spring/Summer Scents


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It just dawned on me that Christmas is in a week. :shocked2:

With that being said, spring is just around the corner (even though winter hasn't technically started yet :P)

But as fast as the last couple of months have gone, I know spring will be here faster than I usually plan on it being (because it works around my schedule, ya know :laugh2:)

Anyway...what are usually some big spring/summer scents? For both candles and B&B ??


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My biggest springtime seller for soap is Cherry Blossom. I sell a lot of it on my website in early spring.

I think a lot of 'blossom' type FOs are big sellers. One year I sold a ton of Daffodil scented candles.

Other great selling florals are:







I haven't tried any lily oils but I bet those are good too.

Clean scents do well too like cotton and linen types.

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