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Heads up fromLonestar


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A few weeks ago it was mentioned here that some suppliers do not notify customers of items they will soon no longer have in inventory. Understandably, this would tick me off.

But this morning I received an email from Lonestar to notify me the 12-ounce salsa jar will probably no longer be available once their supply runs out. We will be able to buy the 16oz salsa jars, however.

I thought this was really good of them, to let me know (and I only bought the 12oz. salsa jars once) of this very likely possibility.

A feather in their cap; thank you, Lonestar!:)

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I was ordering samples from The Jar Store last week and they called to let me know that one style lid the manufacturer quit making. They still had lots of stock; but when that is gone...no more. The rep said she didn't want me starting a new line of candles that I would have to change in the future...so gave me heads up. Big kudos to them!


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