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Help with Scents that work well in Ecosoya CB Advanced or ways to increase hot throw

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Hi I have 100lbs of Ecosoya CB Advanced and have been reading on here and other boards that the hot throw isn't very great. Am I better off to just sell the wax?

It seems the benefit to Advanced is it doesn't have as much frosting or wet spots etc then other soys but the trade off is poor hot throw (and even cold throw) for this wax.

Does anyone have any recommendations for scents that work well in this wax?

I'm also curious about possible additives to increase the hot throw. I've read about coconut oil, crisco and mixing it with ez soy. I'd be willing to even mix it with paraffin wax or palm wax or any type of wax if that's what it takes.

I know some people like the appearance of their candles and this is a major reason to use cb advanced vs another soy wax, from what I've read.

I am really wishing I would have bought ezsoy or c3 then cb advanced. I like strong smelling candles. Looks are nice and important but if it looks great and I can't smell the candle I won't be happy.

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I tried CBA with several different FO's, and the only one that had an "excellent" throw was Chestnuts & Brown Sugar from Just Scent, at 1 oz/pp. Peak's Amish Harvest had a "good" throw at the same concentration.

Two days ago I tried mixing 70% CBA with 30% 4630, and also at a 50/50 mixture, and neither mixture has produced a good cold throw yet. I used Millcreek's Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper (an excellent throwing FO) at 8%. I did the same parasoy mixtures with GB464 and GB415 and those candles already have a wonderful cold throw.

I plan to use the rest of my bag of CBA to make Chestnuts & Brown Sugar candles, LOL.

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Thanks! I tried mixing it with container paraffin wax (2 ounces of cb to 6 ounces of paraffin) and made some tealights. They burn well and the ht is fine. I'm making up a bunch for Christmas gifts.

I hate the idea of trying to figure out the right wicks for a paraffin/cb advanced combination. I am also thinking of adding it to my wax I use for tarts (10-20%) and see how that works out.

I think you are right, adding it to paraffin is the smartest idea.

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