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Varying temp when adding FO

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I had been using C-3 with good results as far as CT and HT at 6%pp. I just recently switched to GW464 because I can get it locally. I'm about to pull my hair out, I've tested this stuff with probably 20 different batches and can't get a combo that I'm happy with. I've tried 6%pp and can't get much throw at all, bumped up to 7,8, and 9% varying temperatures when added. Although the wax is rated 7 to 9%pp, most of my FO's make an ugly mess out of the candle above 7.5%. Biggest problem I'm running into is hardly any HT at all. CT is good and when used as a melt, HT is awesome...just can't get the candle to throw. I've read in the archives that 100 different people seem to have a 100 different ways to make a candle. This I understand, but has anyone had better luck one way or another by adding FO's cool vs. hot. For example, I've seen where some swear you have to add FO hot to get it

to blend properly and others say add it cool or you'll burn it off. Also, can one brand of wick make that much difference in throw? I've had success with ECO's in my C-3, and they seem to produce a good melt and burn well all the way through in this 464...just had to bump up one size.

Any help from you pros out there will be greatly appreciated.

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