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Eco CBA/ C-3 Update & Questions

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It's times like these when I hate my job.

Just thought I'd start there; Good morning:cheesy2:

OK so I have a gazillion testers poured, solid, and now burning; ye-ha!

I've got C-3 with CD wicks and Premiere wicks.

I've got the same scenario with CBA; and I have a few CDN wicks but those are only with C-3.

Several, most I would say, are jumping up and down like a bouncy ball; what's up with that? And that was from the onset; they've been burning for 30-45 minutes (It took a while to get everyone lit) Some have settled a bit; some have not. Is that too much wick when I lit them? I noticed that the Premiere wicks mushroom pretty quickly, so maybe I just started them with too much wick. They are all sweating too. I never had either problem before. I have two that are on there second lighting (first was yesterday) that are not sweating like the newer ones, and not mushrooming like the newer ones either, but they did yesterday. These are :

4" jar- CBA- Premiere 798 w/vanilla based scent, and,

3"tumbler- CBA- Premiere 795 same scent.

They are both doing quite well; did yesterday too. I do think the tumbler size may be able to bump down, but I've got every conceivable option burning as well, so time will tell.

DId I mention I hate my job right now.



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I'm not sure what your questions are... sometimes flames bounce a little on startup. This can be caused by many factors, including environmental ones. If they settle down and stop pretending to be strobe lights, I wouldn't worry about it.

How many total candles are you burning? It sounds like you have a LOT of 'em... I dunno how you can keep an eye on so many and keep the data straight...

Syneresis (sweating) can be caused by a lot of factors: incompatible waxes being mixed together, wax that is incompatible with the FO, insufficient stirring of FO into the wax, FO added at too low a temp to mix with the wax well, too much FO for the wax to hold and/or temperature changes (ie. cool room, cool wax + warmth from wick = sweating). You didn't mention how much FO you used, the temp it was added, etc.... Unless it's sweating a bigtime pool, I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. You said the ones on their second burn were no longer sweating - how long did you wait after pouring the candles to begin testing?

I do think the tumbler size may be able to bump down

I don't understand what you mean...:confused:

Good luck with your testing and try to keep your data all straight! I know you are in a hurry to get a stable system going again, but don't drive yourself nutz in the process!! I'll bet an eggnog would help tremendously! :yay:

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I think the sweating was related to temperature so I'm not going to worry about that; it did seem to dissipate anyway. I melt to 180; add fo at 1oz. pp; stir lots; pour at between 150-160. That's always been my norm. You're right! Lots burning at one time, but I am trying to be organized about it.

I guess I'm venting as well as wishin' and prayin' that someone is going to chime in "hey, just do this!", and it'll all be good. Yeah, I know; just dreaming. However, and I've said it before but maybe not during this episode of drama; I was very lucky from the beginning of my candle career. When I first started out, I did what the supplier suggested to me and it all worked. I've done many a test burn in my day, but probably not to the extent that many of you have. I'm not as interested in the 'broad' scheme of things, as I am in 'my' scheme of things. I was doing what was working for me and happy that it was! Really sucks when it stops!

BTW, I poured them all last night, and lit everyone this morning; late morning.

Thanks again for all the input. It helps tremendously!

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I poured them all last night, and lit everyone this morning
It's really best with C3 to wait 48 hours before testing. Not just for scent throw, but also to allow the newly poured wax to harden off a bit... When I have rushed and tested too quickly, I have noticed more syneresis then when I wait the 2 days...
I'm not as interested in the 'broad' scheme of things, as I am in 'my' scheme of things. I was doing what was working for me and happy that it was! Really sucks when it stops!
It's always nice to understand why something is working for you so that if anything changes, you will have an easier time finding your way back to harmony.

You sound like you made it through the day's testing pretty sane - let us know how it's going. :)

C3 is moderately bad about frosting, particularly if no additives are used to mitigate that issue and if the wax is not tempered. Some FOs & dyes make it frost unabashedly. Just because it looks great today doesn't mean it will continue looking that way after a week or two - or a month. It really needs some extra TLC and additives to make it behave.

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Sometimes following the manufacturer's guidelines works better. This is what I found about the wax you are using and the link to the site I got them from.

Re: EcoSoya CB Advanced. "Candles should sit undisturbed for 48 hours prior to test burning." http://www.ngiwax.com/products/usingecosoya/cbinstructions.html

Re: C-3. "Container Candles should setup for at least 24 hours. Pillar Candles should setup for 36 to 48 hours." http://naturewax.com/faqs.htm


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I agree on all counts with both of you; truly. I have what I think will get me by for right now. I had two rooms in the shop totally 'lit' over the weekend! I ended up with the CBA, Premiere wicks for two sizes, and a CD wick for a smaller tin. I'm comfortable with the results but not thrilled to the point of doing handstands. I am grateful for the timing only because now I can take a couple of weeks to continue testing at a not-so-frazzled pace, and hopefully get to 'thrilled'. I usually see a break in business from about now until January 15th. I'd like to continue to share my results and hear your feedback! You guys are great!

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