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scrubbie result

Lightning Bug

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Thanks everybody...I was happy with them and will make more...guess it is a "scrubbie frenzy." Carlena, I got the instructions right here from MTT after asking...great lot of folks!


HeavenScentU, I live in Bonners Ferry.

DeAnna, I used the nylon net you buy by the yard and cut it 1 1/2 to 2" wide. It is a bit rough on the hands, but I could do three or so a night while the tv was on and it didn't really bother. I did find there is a difference between how prickly and hard the various suppliers netting is. I still plan to try your idea too. It was just these were very similar to the ones I had.

TexasBrat...I've seen your things...you would have no problem learning. I am probably the least accomplished crocheter (is that right?) on earth. Notice, it is nothing you would wear!

Haven't done much the last two days as our 11 yr. old granddaughter and friend lost control sledding and Regan ended up breaking her femur. So after 3 hours of surgery, she is recovering with 2 steel rods from knee to hip. Out of sports for maybe a year, poor kid. Just so very thankful it wasn't her head or spine. The doc said it is very hard to break this bone. She was a trooper as she was hauled the 35 miles to the hospital sitting on the sled in the back of a suburban. She sat in a wheelchair today. Likes the gifts people are bringing, but the pain meds make her goofy. She just made herself a scarf and one of these towels for her mom last time they were over. Loves to cook, sew, crafts, draw, animals and sports. Shouldn't fo on about this, we are just so thrilled she is going to be ok. Beth

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Making Scrubbies is SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!! I am now making stuff outta wally world bags.....heee heee......the possibilities are endless!!!!!

My playing time will be put on a halt when the kids go back to School on Tues....cause then I go back to work also:sad2: I love my job at the School but I also like to 'play' too....I have SO enjoyed my 14 days off thats for sure.......Now, its only 95 more days til School is out for the summer:p

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