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Buyer Beware - Early American Candle

Judy, USMC

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They have some fabulous prices on oils. I needed some more Carrot Cake and thought I would order some others that I didn't necessarily need ... but would take advantage of combining the shipping. I ordered a total of 6#.

Got a UPS shipping notice saying the box weighed 4.3#. Went to the site - all the oils I ordered were shown to be in stock. So I sent an email asking which ones were dropped. No response.

Well, I got the box this evening and the invoice had the Carrot Cake lined through with a notation of OUT. I ordered 2 of the Gransma's Spice Rack and only got 1. So I only got 3 out of 6# with no response to emails.

Just checked their site again and they are STILL showing the Carrot Cake and Spice Rack as in stock. :mad: Maybe not updating the site is intentional ?!?!?!?

Moral of the story - Don't trust the website!!!! Maybe ordering over the phone is the best way if you can get a live person to give you a quantity update.

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I hear what you are saying Oakbrook, and I understand, but he still could have notified his customers instead of waiting for us to call when we need wax. Most suppliers post notification of a discontinued item. That is what upset me. He told me, "oh it was discontinued a couple months ago, a girl just came a bought the last few cases a week or so ago." Why didn't I know a couple months ago then? It would have given me a chance to get one last case to get through Christmas. It's the difference between a supplier who cares about his customers and a supplier who just sells supplies for some extra money. Okay, I am done venting now. I will stick with suppliers who earn their living from supply sales and care about my success. There are plenty of them out there.

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