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What will make the soap go away faster???


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Wash cloth or no wash cloth (rubbing bar on body)...

I was talking to a friend of mine and she was asking how my latest test on a goats milk soap was going. Told her that it appears that I have my bar lasting about 3 weeks (based on consumption calculations). She said that soulds really good since that is how long her husbands Dial lasts.

We got talking about where her husband keeps his bar and stuff like that. The only difference we have found was that her husband uses a washcloth and I don't... So we were trying to figure out what would acutally use a bar of soap faster.

Has anybody tested out this theory? Should that be something I should be testing for?

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The hardness of the bar will affect how long it lasts.

I had an "OPPS" batch of MP a while ago that for some reason came out really soft (I think maybe I mis-measured my glycerin). Otherwise it was fine, got sudsy, left you feeling soft, etc... it was just SOFT.

My mom is a total glutton for just about any soap I make and snagged a couple of bars of it for herself, she loved that it was such a soft bar but was upset at how fast she used it up.

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