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Howdy to all! Looking for Soy wax close to Tampa FL area

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New guy here...Hello to Everyone!

I live in the Florida area and cant find any candle suppliers locally other than CandleChem.com. I want to buy Soy wax but their shipping is 40.00 UPS ground for a 50 lb. case of it. Anybody know of any suppliers within a few hours drive of tampa Bay Florida?

Also, I've mostly bought my first candle making supplies from CandleChem and they ship pretty fast. Can any florida local recommend some places they use to buy supplies as well like FO's.

Thank you

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Wow so no one in here that lives in Florida buys locally:(. I am trying to look for a supplier in Florida but it seems we do not have any. DO oyu guys order wax in 50 lb increments or that too much wax for a beginner?

Thanks for the responses.

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I would check out Candle Science and even Filmore in PA....They have great shipping prices and they ship immediately too.


Thanks I am driving to my uncles in HIckory NC for XMas. I will make a stop at Candle Science and pick up a nice big order since they are close to him..lol

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Hi, new to this forum and fairly new to candlemaking as well. We used to live in Central Florida, not too far from the Mouse, and moved to Georgia.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find much locally in Florida either. There was a company over in Sanford, Florida Soy Solutions, but they recently went out of business. Candle Science, Lone Star and Alabaster will probably have the best shipping rates for you for wax.

I have tried fragrance oils from quite a few places and have found the best fragrances (at least for me and the wax/wicks I use) from:

Southern Garden Scents - Georgia (east of Macon)

Candle Science - NC

Peak Candle Supply - CO

Natures Garden - OH

Elements Bath and Body - KY

Southern Garden Scents offers a 6 1-oz sampler pack with free shipping. And, if you join the email list from Peak, they periodically offer discounts on shipping.


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50lbs for a beginner sounds like a lot to me, unless you're really sure you only want to deal with one type of wax. Even then, I'd be tempted to try GB464 and EcoSoya Advanced (at least) before deciding firmly on one type.

I've used, in many months, no more than 10lbs of any wax except IGI1343. But, I've tried beeswax, 3 types of palm, 4 types of paraffin, and two soy waxes so far.

I started out saying I'd never do soy jar candles, but eventually got around to them. They're fun, but I will say that container palm is also worth a try.

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