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Deep Fry Thermometer

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I found this in Mejer last week for $5.95. It was in the outdoor grill area. It's a Deep Fry Thermometer. It's nice because it sticks up above a large melt Pot. Temperature accuracy is OK. I used my digital thermometer and marked 185 and 135 degrees on it so it would be a little more accurate.



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I have three of those. I also have an old mercury candy/deep frying thermometer which I use as my standard. The three newer ones all record different temps - a 15°F range. It's very important to get a "mean" temp to use as a standard (the way you did with your digital) because even if the el cheapos are accurate the first time they are used, there is no guarantee that they will remain so. The little springy things in them (that make the little indicator go up & down) seem to get metal fatigue quickly. I like my old mercury thermometer because it has no moving parts - the mercury never seems to get tired of rising and falling. Digitals measure the surface temp, which can be different from the temp down in a pot. My rule is that a chandler can't have too many thermometers! :)

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