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If you want to sell things on your website, and have people pay you through the site with a credit card or paypal, then you need an e-commerce site. If you want them to send you orders thru email, I guess you could still sell things on a regular website. I wouldn't recommend it though.. it's not very professional IMO, and not very efficient for you either.

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An ecommerce website has a method of accepting payments for products that are sold on the website. A regular website is a website that is not selling something directly from that website. An example of a regular website would be something like bird watching or fishing where the site only provides information on a particular subject such as different birds or fishing techniques.

For one of my websites I use a company that provides an instant download service for my ebook. They charge me a percentage of the selling price that is deducted from each ebook sale.

I use PayPal for people that want to pay for my ebook with PayPal, which is fine with me.

For my website critique site, I take only PayPal. I send the person that requests a critique of their website a invoice and they pay me using PayPal.

PayPal is probably the cheapest and best way to go when you are starting out selling products such as T shirts.

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