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im looking for a scent for my mom that is apple'ish. She is sensitive to scents cause of migraines. I was thinking of doing apple jack n peel, and a hot apple pie. I do have apple cinnamon and apple cinnamon streusel from NG but she is wanting something else. I have hot apple pie from KY and its not exactly what i was looking for, same with NG's. I use to order mine from this person- turkeyfootcreek on ebay and theirs had a deeper cinnamon smell to it.

Going back to my mom- she cant take anything with flowers or perfumey.

Please name your best scents with apple in them and also for hot apple pie, thanks

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I used to do KY's Apple Pie & Vanilla Bean Noel and called it Apple Pie ala Mode. And for appearance sakes, I'd do the candle in red, and have a layer of vanilla on top. Sold great, and one of my favorite scents of all time.

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