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Howdy to all! Looking for C3 close to St Louis

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New guy here...Hello to all!

I live in the St Louis area and cant find any candle suppliers locally other that St Louis Candle Supply and I can buy soy wax from Minn. shipped to my house cheaper than picking it up local. Anybody know of any suppliers within a few hours drive of St Louis?

Also, I've mostly used Northstar's Ultra-Strong FO's and just recently found a few through Candle Science that are just as strong. All my customers want big time throw from their candles but the cost of Northstar's Ultra-Strongs are killing me...any suggestions on a less expensive high quality FO supplier?

Thank you

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Check out the General Candlemaking forum... At the top, there are two sticky links - one is for suppliers by state; the other is for Newbies which contains a link labeled "Abbreviations / Supplier Links."

You could also check the Elevance website for their list of distributors - http://www.naturewax.com/distributors.htm


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I used to live South of St Louis. I was buying GB brand wax in Dupo, IL.

Sorry, but can't remember the name of the Co, but they are just across the river off 270, to the N. I don't know what other kinds of wax they carried, perhaps they also carry the C3. Was so nice at the time to drive to pick up wax. Try the chamber in Dupo, they may know the name, as the town isn't that big.

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