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Patchouli + green/herbal scents?


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Since patchouli basically smells like dirt (in a good way), is there any FO that mixes it with a lot of green, herbal, fresh notes? I'm trying to come up with a rich, outdoorsy, early Spring and everything's growing but not yet flowering type of scent. Something that smells like deep, dark, fresh turned dirt and a lushly growing landscape.

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How about trying frankincense or ginger?

Mesh it with sandalwood.

If you want the landscape, try a patch, lavender mix with say a spring rain or some other kind of water scent.

A patch, sandalwood, lavender mix with a hint of another floral (nothing heady and immediately distinctive like gardenia) might be good too, but you might have to add a water scent to it as well.

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