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Gel Compatible FOs...FYI (?)


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I know we are able to post our thoughts on fragrance oils and how they perform. I thought it would be handy if we could also post our non-polar/polar test results, though I know it could be considered a liability.

Can we post with a disclaimer? :) I would love it if I could save myself some time and $$$ by seeing someone else's results.

In the meantime, I just tested these fragrances.

CS Apple

CS Apple & Clover

CS Clean Cotton

All of the above are gel compatible.

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I would be hesitant to do this also, as even purchasing from the same supplier repeated "gelsafe" fragrances, I've found that not every bottle may be gel safe. I test each as it comes in, and I've had a couple bottles of certain fragrances touted as gelsafe that tested not gelsafe.

(I just reread this and I guess I'm having a problem expressing myself today! lol:tiptoe: What I mean is supplier X's apple cinn, for instance may be gelsafe with good results, but the second bottle I get from them may not test out as gelsafe. Hope that makes sense.)

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