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Question about wick size and burn pool in 8 oz tins?

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Longtime lurker, first time poster here :)

I have a question that is stumping me....

I have been using Peaks for all my supplies. I use their Ecosoya Advanced wax, and their C-70 wicks for my 8 oz tin candles. However, when I burn them, the melt pool doesn't reach the edges--- there is still about 1/3 inch all around.

I tried double wicking, but that was too hot and the melt pool reached the edges but it was nearly 1/2 inch deep and the wicks "floated"- so that was a big problem.

I want to try the C-75 now. Does anyone use that in their 8 oz tins? Would that maybe fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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I didn't do that wax/container combo with the Peak cottons, but you should probably just size up. Get a sample pack of cottons for 7 bucks and you can experiment with sizes.

Don't make a final decision on wicking until you've burned the candle all the way. Tins in particular can burn pretty hot at the bottom. The heat can also conduct up the metal sides and melt quite a lot of hangup towards the end. Sometimes the wick you thought was a size too small ends up being perfect.

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