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Glass Glow Palm

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Can anyone share where they get their Glass Glow palm wax???? I just went to Candlescience to order a couple more cases to be ready for a home party that I have next weekend and to be able to restock from this weekend's shows. There is a note that they are out of stock with an ETA of 10/30....ummm...that's not gonna work!

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Thanks, I saw that Morris wax carried it when I googled it. I just haven't had time to call to find out a price and if they have a minimum order since the info isn't on their website. Thanks for the lead!

I figured worst case I can temporarily switch back to Astorile Q if I have to but it is quite a bit more expensive per case (+$10 - that's 1/2 , my shipping cost per case).

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Thank you! I just peeked and they are $20 a case more than CS and I need 2-3 cases. Ouch!

I think I will give Morris Wax a call and see what they say. If that doesn't work out I will just get the "Q" wax from Alabaster and run with it for this one.

Thanks for both of your suggestions!

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