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Permatex ??


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I see that there are 2 silicones that people use; the GE Silicone 2 and Permatex High Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker - (red tube 26B) (that Stella uses). Can you get either one at an auto parts store?

I think I'm going to try the one Stella uses.

Do you squeeze a drop on the glass first, then attach the wick or put on bottom of wick tab and then stick?

If you put on glass first, how long do you wait b/4 sticking the tab to it? Also if excess squeezes out from behind the tab after wick is put on, do you wipe out the excess or its no biggy and just leave it?

Then I believe Stella said its ready to pour after 2 hours, correct?



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i use the permatex high temp, i got mine from walmart but i believe you can get it at auto parts stores since it is a gasket sealer. i put a tiny drop onto the wick tab once its in my wick setter then i put it in the jar and wait a couple hours until it seems dry and my wick doesnt move. i dont worry if some seeps out around the tab, your not going to get it off anyway lol

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Trap, I use both the red and the blue. The red is rated for 650°F and the blue for 500°F (if memory serves). You can find it in auto stores or in the auto parts area of department or building supply stores. The red stuff seems to be a little thicker than the blue, so there's little chance of the wicktab sliding off-center if the wick is bumped while it's setting up.

I use a process similar to Dee's, except I don't use a wicksetter. I insert the wick assembly into the hollow barrel of a Bic pen (guts removed!), fold the end of the wick over the top & hold it there with the tip of my finger; then I put a small dab over the hole on the bottom of the wicktab, then press onto the jar bottom. It's fine if a little ooks out around the edges, but not necessary for it to do so. The amount is a little less than a 1/4" dab. Whoever came up with the Bic pen tube idea is brilliant 'cause it allows one to put even pressure all the way around the wicktab so it will "seat" evenly on the container bottom. When I read that tip here, it worked so well I destroyed several pens so I could have them in different lengths for different height jars. :yay:

The instructions say the RTV sets up in 1 hour and is fully cured in 24 hours. I wait 2 hours minimum because I use bowties to center the wick for pouring and need to be able to pull the wicks taut. I don't want to pull on the wick assembly until I know it's really "stuck," so I wait the extra hour. The only drawback is that the stuff is VERY difficult to remove once it's cured. I use a single edge razor blade to scrape it off the bottoms of containers I use at home.

I usually do a "wick-a-thon" while watching television in the evening so I always have a bunch ready to go, but you can do it all in the same day by starting with the wicking, then messing around with the melting, etc. Usually by the time the wax is ready to pour, it's been a couple of hours and I can put on the bowties and pour away! :)

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The Permatex is a little more specialized, but the GE Silicone II is available anywhere and comes in different varieties like kitchen and bathroom. There is one called GE Silicone II Household Glue, which is what I usually use.

All the Permatex and GE varieties work fine. The high temperature ratings are overkill -- none of these silicone products ever fail in any way when used for candles. You can use whichever is most readily available or most economical.

These materials outgas as part of the curing process, so I prefer to wait until the next day to pour.

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