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Packing & Storing Questions


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Hi, all.

I made a bunch of container candles two days ago that I'm planning to give as gifts and I'm antsy to get them packed up and out of the way so I can start my next projects.

How soon after the candle cools is it okay to start bagging or boxing them?

What about placing lids?

Will it affect the curing time if they're wrapped too soon?

What other problems might I run into?


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I, too, wait until the next day to lid, label & pack. Even after cooling, the surface of the wax tends to change a little overnight, so it gives me one last chance to check for surface blemishes & correct them before packing 'em up. I throw a length of paper towels over them to keep any airborne residue from settling onto the candles' surfaces. HTH :D

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