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Dye Flakes

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LOVE the dye flakes -- but the supplier I have used in the past is offering them on their website as pound prices -- but always out of stock, not sure how they can be out of stock when they pack them into a BAGGIE themselves... So when calling them - they say they dont sell them in the lb sizes anymore----- OHHHHH would love to buy elsewhere -- anyone know where I can fine pound sizes of the dye flakes at decent prices ..... thanks in advance for your response.....


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I have bought from Bittercreek but all of their lb prices are the same with this other supplier we were getting very discounted prices for example honey brown for 19.13 for 8 oz or 26.34 a pound compared to bittercreek 64.XX per pound -- huge difference. The autumn red is the problem for example on their web site ... they have single price point of 2 oz pkg for 8.10 - or 2 oz if you buy 4 or more for 6.89 per 2 oz -- so 8 oz would be 27.56.. they are also saying their 8 oz package is out of stock... so they on my order sheet they gave me the single price 8.10 for each 2 oz pkg even though we wanted a pound so you see a pound cost 55.12... What bothers me most is the deceitful practice of them saying the 8 oz pkg is out of stock... when they clearly weigh and package them themselves, not to mention them not honoring their 4 or more package reduction price...... But in looking around the WWW today I think I found their & BitterCreek supplier... I have contacted them... and hope we can do business... If so I will probably be calling my present supplier and asking them about their deceitful practices... Right now I feel stuck.. with whatever they want to charge me because they can always refuse to sell to me. We have been pouring candles since 97.... and I certainly understand hard times... what I cannot condone is swindlers !!! For Heavensake if they wanted to charge me 55.12 per pound for autumn red --- just put it on their website --- and I wouldnt get my panties in a wad !!

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