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Rusty votive molds


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Might try the sand paper, then spray with WD 40, then clean them VERY well. The WD40 is highly flammable and you won't want to leave any in them.

I'm thinking you could spray them down with silicone, before you put them away, after each use.

I think, though, I'd just be looking to replace those with aluminum.

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If the rust is superficial, you should be able to remove it with ScotchBrite or steel wool. You will probably have to wash them and scrub the rust off while they are wet. Rinse them in very hot water and dry them with a paper towel or a heat gun. You don't want ANY moisture to remain on the surface! To "reseason" the metal after the rust is removed and to protect it against future oxidation, put a little veggie oil on a paper towel and lightly wipe the insides. This works for any kind of steel mold that's rusting, BTW.

Mine don't rust because I do not ever wash them with water. I simply heat them to liquify any wax residue and wipe them out with a paper towel. This leaves an invisible coating of wax that protects the metal from moisture. Some FOs cause corrosion, too, so if you can figure out which ones are worst about that, wipe the molds out immediately after use and apply a little veggie oil to the paper towel to wipe away any minute amount of residue and protect the metal from rusting. HTH :D

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