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Lotion Crafter LC995 Cyclomethicone or Cyclomethicone LC8515


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When I am ready, I am going to purchase Cyclomethicone from Lotion Crafter for Room/Linen Sprays. They carry two types. I am thinking that the standard one (LC995) is the one I would use. The LC8515 is said to be 85% cyclotetrasiloxane and 15% cyclopentasiloxane, has a lower flashpoint and evaporates 5 times faster than the LC995; whereas, the LC995 is 99.5% cyclopentasiloxane. Am I choosing the right one?

Also, I have read on the board that some use FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil) to help mix in the oil, especially for those that use clear bottles. Is this necessary with the Cyclomethicone? I will be using clear bottles.

Thanks for any advise on this. I am just now learning about these kinds of things -- bath and body stuff.

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