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Where to get Golden Brands Wax in IL?


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So far the cheapest shipping Ive found is through BCN..(for 50lbs) even though BCN is 8 hours from me and Gateway is 4 hours. (i know, doesnt make alot of sense.)

There is a wax supplier near me but they only carry ecosoya, they have 135 in stock but ive read so many positive posts about golden brands that I really wanted to try that. For now I'll order through bcn and maybe ask the wax place here if they have a sample of the 135 I can try , so I can compare it to the gb 415. Im trying to research as much as possible about the different waxes and wicks ect before I start testing too much. I made one candle so far. It looks very nice now (after I followed the advice of the very helpful candle makers here and remelted the top). I made it with ecosoya advanced and I would give the scent throw 2 stars out of 4. I know the throw may do better with a different wick so I ordered a sample pack of wicks. BTW Im fooling with 16oz wide mouth jars.

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