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100% soy? I don't think so

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but can I be sure?

I like to order others' candles - I like to see what they do and how they do it, and I love candles!

Despite the inaccurate hype on the site (I always wonder if the maker isn't simply trusting others who feed him/her a line of bull) I ordered some "100% soy wax" container candles and votives.

Well, they look like a soy/paraffin blend to my untrained eye. The are primarily a matte almost white, but there is also a translucent quality to them that I don't typically see in a 100% soy candle, and once it was burned it resolidified completely smoothly.

Are these things "telling"?

(btw, one of the votives looked seriously crappy - the repour was obviously done too cold as it's mounded up over the rest of the candle and is all bubbly, there are TWO jump lines, plus it has dust on it - ewww, but that's beside the point)

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Consistently smooth set-up and zero frosting is generally enough of a clue, but if the wax isn't totally opaque then it certainly has paraffin in it. There's no difference between an all-soy candle and your solid soaping oils like cocoa butter or the the no-stir palm from Columbus. No translucency.

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