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SoapCalc Help, Please


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Hi all,

I've been wanting to try CP soap for sometime now. I've been doing a lot of reading/research. I'm not ready to start just yet. Lye still intimidates me, and I have a lot more reading to do. I don't mean to sound dumb, but I don't get the lye calculator form soapcalc.net. I've read where a lot of people use it. I like that it lists just about evey oil out there, but I can't seem to figure how much lye and water I am supposed to use. I punch in a recipe and it tells me how much of the oils to use, but I don't see the lye part of it. What am I doing wrong? Wow, if I can't figure out a calculator, I'd better hang up the notion of making CP. Any direction here would be great.



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I can't tell you how to use the calculator but I'd almost promise that whatever you're doing wrong will be really simple and you'll feel really silly.

None of this is rocket science. You can do it.

I've done a lot of craft stuff. It all looks harder than it really is, when you first start. None of it is ever as hard as it looks.

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Yeah, I kept clicking "calculate" and it would show me how much oil to use, but nothing about the lye/water. I just figured out that I have to hit the "view/print recipe" button, and there it is. Boy do I feel dumb now. I think this is going to be a great calculator now that I know how to use it. Thanks for your help.


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i will try to help..i remember when i first started making soap..the soap calc was like a foreign land..:)

if you will follow the #..i would stay with the average lye water ratio untill you learn a bit more..

look at #1 type of lye used..for cp soap..naoh is used

#2...is the amount you would need for your size of mold...i use a 2 lb mold mostly..so I would put in 2lb..

#3 water as % of oils...use the 38 untill you have soaped a while and feel comfortable..useing less water will cause your soap normally to come to trace faster..so you would need to be familar with you Fo or eo's..and recipe before I would do a water discount.. when you leave it at 38 when you push the calculate button it will automatically give you the water and lye amounts...

#4 is the superfat..i would leave it at the amount it is at..that is also until you get more familiar with making soap..then when you get a recipe that you like you can play with the lye/water amounts and the fat amount..

so now you put in the oils you are wanting to use in your recipe...

when that is done click the button at the bottom of the page and calculate your recipe..

if it does not have the hardness..conditioning...bubbles..ect..just play with your oil # until you get it like you would like..and when you get it all done..click the view and print your recipe button..and it will take you to the page where it will show you how much water and lye goes with your recipe..

and if you are still not happy with your recipe..just click the red x button in the top right hand corner..and you can redo your recipe again..

it is really a forgiving tool..it will let you play to your hearts content..

Hope I have not left anything out..and hope i have helped you some..

Happy soaping...:)

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