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I need a good lavender color!


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TKB grape pop..stays true in cp soap..

just use color until you acheve the depth of lavender you want..

if you look at the b&b sharing thread under ...Something new..you will see

the grape pop color..in my soap i made..

i used enough color to make it the lavender color i wanted..

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I get a great lavender color from UM Violet and Titanium Dioxide. The trick is to use enough UM Violet. Don't be too skimpy with it.

I make 2.5 lb batches of soap, and to get a really nice lavender color for that size batch, I use one level teaspoon of UM Violet and 1.5 teaspoons of Titanium Dioxide. That's for the entire batch, not ppo (I haven't figured out what that works out to be ppo yet). At this level, it never comes out grey, but always a very pretty laveder color.

MarieJeanette :)

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