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Wicking Suggestions Needed

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Hi all. I'm wicking a 3.75 diameter tureen. I'm using GW464 with 2 tsp/lb of coconut oil. So far I've tested a pair of RDD 29's and a pair of ECO 0.2's. In both tests I've had the wicks about an inch apart. The 29's were too hot, giving me a melt pool of an inch or greater. The 0.2's were too cool, leaving about 3/8 inch unmelted around the edge. What would you folks try next?



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Sounds like your wicks are too small. For a diameter that big I would use an eco between 10-14 or a CD 12-16

I wasn't crazy about RRD's in my soy applications but again you need to wick up to a 50 or 55.

Here's a helpful guide that give a lot of valuable info on different types of wicks and recommended sizes for different diameter candles. You still have to test but it's a good starting point. http://www.candlewic.com/candle-wicks/pop-spools.asp

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