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need to hear from the experienced

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OK from all I remember reading :read:here the FO Amish Harvest from Peaks is suppose to be a heavy one with a strong throw right?:confused: So I made 2 jars the 291 ml Hex ones with 1 pound C3, 1 oz. FO, 1 Tablespoon USA, 3 drops brown CS dye. I used an ECO 10 wick. Heated to 185 and then poured at 160, cooled jars on cookie rack covered with a box. I could not wait to burn this, I was good and waited 1 week and how disappointed I am. There is hardly any throw at all!!! :mad:I have a 1/2" melt pool and it seems to be burning good but no nice scent that I was expecting. What do you think the problem might be?? :(

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Photos would be helpful. Where is the fill line on the jar?

I have a 1/2" melt pool

How long has it been burning? Unless it has burned at least halfway down, in the jar, I don't think there could be anough data to comment or suggest unless the wick drowns.

If Amish Harvest is a "heavy" FO, the wick may not be burning efficiently enough to produce enough heat to create the throw you want... How's the cold throw? You could also put some in a candle warmer and see if it throws there...

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what is the fill line

What I was asking is where did you fill the jar to? Hex jars have shoulders and a narrower mouth where the threads are... Some folks fill the jar to the top of the sides of the container (but not quite up to the shoulders); others fill just to the top of the shoulders but not into the mouth; still others fill the jar up into the mouth of the container. So where did you fill the jars to, ie. where was the fill line?

Have you continued burning it? How're things going now?

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Sometimes soy needs more FO than other waxes. You could try upping the percentage of FO. Right now you have about 6% in your candles. I'd try it at 8%. Also, could you have candle nose? Have you asked if anyone else can smell the candle? Where are you test burning it? The scent might also be wafting through the house (or wherever you are testing) making it harder to smell is you have that dreaded candle nose.

You might also try a whole different wick. I've found that some wicks, with some FOs just don't give me as good of a throw as others. A change of wick might make a huge difference.

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I love the way Eco wicks burn - calm and nice but won't use them because I get no Hot throw with them. Use the C-3 with some paraffin wax, I add at least 1 T CO per 10 oz. (have used up to 1 oz) and use 1 tsp USA and I get a very good hot throw with the CDN wicks.

Have no reasoning for this combo, it's a pain, but it works.

I would say try the CD's, at least.

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