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Coloring Cyclo Sprays


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Anyone having luck coloring their cyclomethicone based body sprays?? Also..what to do with incompatible fragrance oils? Im finding some oils blend perfectly and the cyclo stays clear while others dont at all leaving the mix cloudy and/or with oil bubbles. SIGH..this trail and error is exhausting stressful and expensive, would really appreciate it if someone could lend me some advice as to what is working for them. I really love the silky feel of the cyclo and would like to stay with this base, but Im after clear mixes that I can then color in gem tones? Is this possible with cyclo. Oxides and liquid FDC colors dont work at all (which I knew would happen with the liquid FDC as its water based).

Does Fragrance Oil Modifier work to blend incompatible fragrances in with the cyclo base? The fragrances that Im finding that dont work are my favorites lol, and are the starting line up of my bath and body product line, Im kinda stuck on them and dont want to give them up. Some are vanilla based, I would really love to be able to use them, use the cyclo spray and have a clear light gem colored product( really not liking the packaging in opaque or aluminum bottle idea)

Help anyone?? Pretty pretty please with sugar(scrubs) on top?

Thank you so much.

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FCO huh ...another order to put in somewhere another thing to buy lol. Its worth the shot though, if I can get clear mixes then I'll be happy with that and save the "coloring" fun for other products, or get creative and add color to the packaging instead.

I'll try the FCO. Thanks so much for the responses, Toni and ayshapooh :smiley2:. Everyone is so helpful and supportive here.

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When using the FCO, I use equal amounts of FCO & FO but then deduct that same amount off of the Cyclo so your not diluting the mixture!

Don't feel real bad about what you've wasted cuz we've all been there at one time or another. Trial and Error!!

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Thanks for the advice here I got my FCO here today and did a 5ml FCO and 5ml FO to 20ml of Cyclo. And this has worked beautifully, its a lil cloudy but uniform in color and an almost see through cloudy? If that makes sense. I suspect that it will clear in a few hours and even if it doesnt, I can work with this.

The new problem Im running into now though is that the "feel" of my body mist is now a bit greasy or oily feeling. I miss the dry oil silky feel of just the cyclo.

Has anyone come up with a solution for this? Or does the oily residue not bother you? Do your customers mind this? Also does adding the FCO dilute the strength of the scent, and will the scent come through stronger after the solution sits for a few days?

Thanks so much for the help.

Much love,


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Nm, Im getting oil "blobs" at the bottom of my bodymist. Overall color is that of transparent milk.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is it that I have to accept that certain fragrance oils are just not going to be compatible with the cyclo?

Ive been testing with Vanilla Sandalwood.

Has anyone found luck using a different bodymist base OTHER THAN cyclo that works with most fragrance oils without the use of FCO. Does it impart a "silky dry oil" feel?

This is so frustrating. I never thought before starting all of this that the bodymist would give me the most issues. I thought it would be the no brainer easy product for me to start with, mannnnnn I can feel the white hairs coming in lol.

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Just another update. Maybe all this will help someone else that stumbles in with similair cyclo issues, I dont know. At least to let them know that theyre not alone in their cyclo stress induced insanity! lol..

The mixture is nice and clear this morning. With a 1/2 tsp or so of clear oil blob on the bottom. LKMA;JALKNF SIGH. Even if it incorporated I for one do not like the sticky greasy feeling left on the skin by the incorporation of FCO. I took 2 showers yesterday. One earlier in the day. One after the posting I left about the FCO making this body mist greasy. I had to go wash it off.

I think certain fragrance oils are just NOT COMPATIBLE with cyclo. This is resulting in my either 1)finding a different base, possibly experimenting with perfumers alcohol (more money spent more time more trail and error, aye yeye yeye..WHERE did this bath and body BUG come from and WHY did it have to bite me so HARD, and WHY do i have to ENJOY its influence in my veins SO MUCH? hehe) 2) keeping with the cyclo and placing my body mist sprays in aluminum bottles with a "shake well before using" on the label ..leaning towards this, I think I can make the aluminum bottles look cute with ribbon around its neck and colored spray tops( found some at Essentials by Catalina, they are out of hot pink, but they do have purple). 3) test compatibility with cyclo and limit my fragrances to only those that incorporate well with cyclo, and package in clear bottles.

Unless someone has some different advice for me out there? I most welcome it.

I'll update later with what I decided to do, and also peek in to possibly support anyone else that has fallen way to the Cyclo Madness Club.


Much love,


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