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Canada Needs a Fragrance Oil Supplier!!!!!


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This is why we can not afford to buy FO's up here in Canada from anywhere local!!! Keep in mind 500ml = 1lb

These are a few price examples:

Neroli FO

Select Size:15 ml - $5.5050 ml - $11.50100 ml - $16.54500 ml - $56.461Litre - $95.77

Mojito Fragrance Oil

SELECT SIZE:15ML - $4.5050ML - $8.00100ML - $13.25250ML - $24.00500ml - $41.75

Yuzu Fragrance Oil

SELECT SIZE:15ML - $4.5050ML - $8.00100ML - $13.25250ML - $24.00500ML - $41.75

Now you tell me... isn't that crazy??? We are better off paying the shipping, duty, and US!!!

Please please someone open up a division of a huge FO Superstore like AH/RE or NG in Canada!!!

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Yes I have to agree you do need a supplier and if the price is right they could make a BIG profit.

U.S. is lucky to have so many FO suppliers. Where I live there are 3 major suppliers within 45 minutes but I also buy online. Not wax or jars but other things.

Wish you LUCK


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Wow, thats even way more expensive than we pay down here in Australia. I think that our dollar is about the same value against the US dollar as your is, so at the moment buying from the US for us is at least 30% cheaper than buying locally, and that includes the shipping.



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Yes...New Directions is a little bit cheaper on some oils but have you checked out the price in Canadian $$$ for D&G...


or the US price per lb.


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