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Pure Sugar fo


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Hi all :)

I've been searching for a pure sugar scent. Straight up sugar, no extra vanilla or flower, and not brown sugar.

I checked on Fragrance Oil Finder and the only scent listed as a pure sugar was from Wholesale Fragrances

They have a $50 minimum order looks like. :(

If anyone can tell me where else I might find something like this, I'd really appreciate it! Or, if anyone has some they'd be willing to sell, let's talk! :D


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I'm not sure that anyone really has this fo! lol I just want it to mix with other scents to make them sugary sweet! :D

I've searched for "sugar" "pure sugar" "cane sugar" on every supplier site I know of, and that only place I found what I want is the site I mentioned above. I don't really wanna order $50 worth tho! LOL

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home spun sugar at BCS is pretty good!!!

Try it!!

Homespun Sugar

(Formerly from Suzanne)

If you like sweet, this is the FO for you! Notes of sugar, coconut, plum, rose, hyacinth, vanilla and sandalwood. Does very well in J50 and soy! Awesome in sugar scrubs or body butters, yum!

Works well in CP soap (discolors).

Color Suggestion: Vanilla

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