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Help Please!!!

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I am so upset. I have been pouring votives and tarts today using ecosoya pb and it's been one thing after another. First I was getting alot of bubbles when I poured them "slowly". Then I found that pouring them hotter got rid of that problem. I am heating to 185, then adding color and fragrance then I was pouring at 140 and now I'm pouring at 155. I poured 3 sets of 36 today and the last batch all has a hole in the top of them. I tried using the heat gun but it's not helping. Any suggestions and any ideas why this happened. My concern with the tarts is that they sink in the middle even when I shouldn't have to do a second pour. Any suggestions on that also. I am so tired and frustrated. Everytime I think I got it down, something else happens. I'm so glad I have this group to go to with all of my questions. :confused::confused::confused: Thanks, Jeanne

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What wax are you using? Mostly, I use wickpins and pour C3 & EcosoyaPB at no lower than 165°F. Because votives and tarts are small, they cool very rapidly - too rapidly in many cases, If the top cools a lot faster than the rest, it'll cave in more. With the weather becoming chillier nearly everywhere, drafts and cool indoor air temps are a problem, so cover those candles with a box or put them in a warmed oven (turn off before putting the candles in) to cool.

Depending on the wax you are using, you can also pour them at a very cool temp... (readthis post)

HTH :)

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