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Some new creations.... (pic heavy)


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I haven't been on in awhile. We moved, and now I'm pregnant (5 weeks left and our new little boy will be here!!!)

I have been busy with getting new staff trained, and our fundraiser and wholesale programs lined up, so I will be able to take a bit of time off when our new little one makes his grand entry!

Thought I would share some of our creations...

Some of these are for wholesale, some for our school fundraiser programs, and others just me fooling around, trying to come up with new stuff for our spring lines (eekk)

1- a fundraiser event ordered 30 of these, 3 wickers. They had to be "old world prim" with a light woodsy cinnamon scent. You can't tell from the pic but the muslin is coffee stained, and rubbed to look dirty.

2-apple raspberry dish--good seller

3- plum cake and cinamon pecan cake

4- these jars are 10oz. They went wholesale to a chain of drug stores, we did 15 scent in all for them. I LOVE this jar, easy to wick, nice size, clean looking and simply.

5- Spiced orange, this is me fooling around. I love this scent, so these were for me!

6- Caramel apple tureens. We made them in the spiced orange and gingerbread also. Good sellers in the fall.

7- parfait... a classic

8- this biggie is layered in scents. Not the best seller, but I think they are cute.










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Depends. I use mostly paraffin, but use gel or soy (or a blend of waxes) to get desired effects. The tureens are a blend, the sundae a blend of all 3... and so on. Containers are paraffin.

Your colors are so pretty. I wish my soy would allow me to do that.

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