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Candy Cane FO?

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I've been having the same exact problem with Candy Cane/Peppermint FOs. No problem at all with cold throw or tarts but lit in a candle and the smell is not very good at all. A fuel smell is a perfect description of it.

I have tried it in IGI 6006 and also Glassglow palm wax .

Does anyone know of a good peppermint or candy cane fo that will work well with any type of soy or palm wax?

I found it really wierd that the tarts I made smelled great melting away on my little burner....cold throw wonderful too...bu that smell of the lit candle....ick lol

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The wax I was using was Golden Brands 415...no addittives and a medium cotton wick. It was candy cane from At Wix End. I used 1 oz of FO per pound of wax.

Right now I am working with c-3, ecosoya 135 and getting ready to try GB 444.

Thanks a bunch! It's good to know I'm not alone!

Also curious if you all test your own products or if you have other people test for you.

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I don't make candles, just tarts, and the Candy cane I use is from Bert's. It's great, no fuel smelling. But then again, I don't test it in candles.

Looking for a good Candy Cane too, but just for tarts. I love Bluegrass's but it just doesn't last. I don't have trouble with fuel smells just can't get a peppermint to last more than 8 hrs. I have peppermints, from KY, BG, JS, WSP, Candlewic, Cajun, Eo from Scent Shack. I'm sure there have been others but have forgotten. Don't need or want one that is so strong you can taste it, just want to smell a sweet peppermint for days...mmmm

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Nope soylights..you are not alone..

I just placed an order for a small 4oz bottle of Candy Cane FO from Berts along with a few other sample size FOs(my first order with this supplier) and will let you know if it works out or not :)

I also purchased a bunch of different sized CD wicks to try. I 've been using eco and htp but reading alot about how much better CD wicks work with soy.

Finding the right wick can be very frustrating to say the least :confused:

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You might try using an additive, like USA or coconut oil and a CD or CDN wick...

I test my products myself, then if I have any questions, I get my *sometimes* candlemaking partner to doublecheck. If it passes both our criteria, then I put it out for sale and wait for feedback from customers. So far, the customers have never had any negative feedback for us! :)

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