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How do you sterilize your lotion making eqiuptment?


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I make lotion and would like to start selling it but i am worried about mold. When I make lotion I start by using clorox wipes to wipe down the area that i am working in. I also boil some water and use this to clean the spoons and i pour the boiling water into the bowls that i will be using. I dry everything with paper towels.

Is this sufficient? Do any of you use a sanitizing solution? If so what do you use?

Oh! I just want to let ya'll know that I have not had a problem with mold or yuckies I just want to prevent ever having a problem.


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Hi,I know what you mean.I ended up using sodium bisulfite,it is used in wine making to keep the nasty stuff out,and you don't need to rinse it.I have used it for years on just about every thing to keep purified,sterlized and it is used in many products such as juices,wines. you can find it at snow drift farms or any wine supplies .

Good luck!

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